Consolidated Credit

$177,000! That’s the average amount an American is expected to inherit according to HSBC Holdings, a banking company. The cliche “easy come, easy go,” should never apply to an inheritance, but often does. Studies show heirs lose, spend or donate half of their inheritance. Although you didn’t work for it, bear in mind that Aunt Tilly or Grandpa Tom probably worked really hard to amass the wealth they have passed on to you. [...]


By: Monica Victor It’s December and besides planning for the holidays, we’re hearing a lot about taking some time to get ready for retirement. December 31st is the deadline to contribute to your 401(k), the deadline to play catch-up and deposit contributions to your 401(k) and the deadline to take the required minimum distributions from your [...]


By: Monica Victor For Americans with a 401(k) plan, the holidays are not only a time to shop, give and receive gifts, it’s also a time to keep track of retirement account deadlines. In order to get a tax deduction on your 2014 tax return, there are only a few weeks left to make a [...]


Humans salivate over the slightest smell of food. For dogs with a much keener sense of smell, it must be torture. While humans can stop the drooling by indulging, Fido can’t.  Certain foods are very harmful to your dogs and can trigger gastrointestinal infections and canine pancreatitis. So instead of passing your mother-in laws pumpkin [...]


Thirty million green bean casseroles! That’s the number expected to grace the tables of Americans across the country this Thanksgiving. Del Monte – distributor and marketer of green beans asked 1,500 Americans how fond they are of the “Classic” green-bean casserole side dish. Who loves it the most?  Kentucky, where 78 percent of residents “really [...]