Consolidated Credit

By: Andrea Woroch In addition to barbecues and road trips, Labor Day weekend is a popular time for end-of-summer sales. While shoppers can expect plenty of noteworthy discounts on popular merchandise, some items are simply not a good deal during this holiday weekend even though retailers will try their best to convince consumers otherwise. Navigate [...]


For some States the back to school shopping rush is over, for others not quite as school reopens in September. And still for some even though the school bell has rang, the back to school shopping continues. While some parents may relish the opportunity of bonding with their kids over back to school shopping, and [...]


‘Avoid Financial Infidelity,’ Money-Minded Psychologist Says Children, sex, in-laws, work stress – how couples handle these issues says plenty about a marriage and, often, a divorce. Not surprising to many, however, the No. 1 predictor of divorce is money, according to a study from Kansas State University. More specifically, researchers say that arguing about money, [...]


Home renovation and remodeling does not have to be stressful, says house designer and author Kathi Fleck Your home is probably your most prized possession, but as with almost everything else, with time it suffers wear and tear like you’d expect. In order to upkeep and perhaps enhance its value as well as its appearance, [...]


A Better ‘Balance’ Is Finding The Right Job For Your Purpose, Says Talent Expert The corporate world is susceptible to fads. Work-life balance, a push to properly prioritize work in relation to lifestyle, features the kind of fad-ish thinking that can lead gifted people down the wrong path, says talent expert Brian Mohr. “Think of [...]