Consolidated Credit

Her grandchildren led to grand debts. When Sandra’s two grandsons and granddaughter were young, she could buy them cheap toys and still get hugs and kisses. Now that they’re teenagers, their tastes are more expensive so seeing their smiles tends to be pricey. This eagerness to give her grandchildren the world is what drove Sandra [...]


The cost of going to college is immense. National college debt tops out at over $1 trillion and the average 2015 college graduate will strut across the stage with a diploma and an $35,000 in debt– the highest level in history. According to an estimated 2 million students enrolled in college are leaving free [...]


Fourteen years ago, Wanda turned 55. As the executive assistant to the mayor of a small town in Ohio, Wanda was making good money and had good benefits. So a financial planner told her it was time to save for retirement. That was a shock – because she was $50,000 in debt. She didn’t spend [...]


Medicaid Can Help, But Is Last Resort Option, Senior Health-Care Advocate Says Baby Boomers, retiring at a rate of roughly 10,000 per day, may have unrealistic notions about what their future long-term care needs could do to their bank accounts. When a recent Nationwide Financial consumer survey asked for an estimate of how much a [...]


By: Andrea Woroch In addition to barbecues and road trips, Labor Day weekend is a popular time for end-of-summer sales. While shoppers can expect plenty of noteworthy discounts on popular merchandise, some items are simply not a good deal during this holiday weekend even though retailers will try their best to convince consumers otherwise. Navigate [...]