Consolidated Credit

By April Lewis-Parks Roughly 6,200 couples get married every day in the United States. Along with the laughter, smiles and well wishes, couples often walk away from the altar with thousands of dollars of debt — enough debt to equal the nation’s $72 million spent on wedding events each year. So what can couples do [...]


By April Lewis-Parks When you hear people encourage you to develop a “financial plan” it can sound dry and boring. This is probably why many people put off developing a set of goals until much later in life. The problem with this is that by then, they may not have realized all of the lost [...]


  By April Lewis-Parks If your credit card bills are getting out of control and you struggle every month to make your payments, you might be considering transferring your balances to a credit card with a promotional zero percent interest rate. If you are you’re not alone. Balance transfers are a popular option when you [...]


By Sijun Li Credit card debt can put a hamper on the personal finances of anyone who carries it for a significant amount of time as it accrues interest each month. To avoid a situation where debt piles up, people should consider one of these four strategies to help attack their balances: No. 1 – [...]


By:Sijun Li Summer marks the midway point of 2013, and there is no better time to do a quickly check-up on your financial progress. Typically, consumers spend more during the summer months on new clothing, road trips, vacations and outdoor events, so conducting a review of your money situation can not only help you make [...]